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6 Reasons to Visit North Cyprus

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North Cyprus Kyrenia

We can say that the Greek part of this island, surrounded by the sea on all four sides, shares almost half with the TRNC. Located very close to Turkey, the island is preferred by local tourists as well as tourists from Asia, Europe, Scandinavian and North African countries for holiday and recreation.

We recommend holidaymakers who are considering visiting Cyprus, which has an island culture of its own, to spare at least a week for this beautiful Mediterranean island. Cyprus is very lucky in terms of hotels and places to visit. It is possible to reach this charming island, which also contains a deep history, by plane from Turkey and by ferry services from Mersin to Cyprus. If you think it's time to visit the motherland this year, here are 6 reasons to go to Cyprus.

Exploring the History

North Cyprus Kyrenia

Cyprus manages to stand out with its history, nature and experiences. Life in Cyprus dates back to even the Bronze Age. On the island, which has hosted many civilizations and nations from time to time, you can still discover places from these civilizations and immerse yourself in this deep history.

Salamis Ancient City is one of the must-see places in Cyprus tours. This ancient Roman settlement, also known as the Salamis Ruins, is located 6 km north of Famagusta. After a short tour of Salamis, you can move on to Kyrenia and visit the monastery built in 12th century Rome in the region. When you stay in the facilities included in the list of Kyrenia hotels, you can easily visit Girne Castle after Bellapais Monastery.

Cyprus Hotels for Unlimited Entertainment

North Cyprus Kyrenia

Cyprus hotels manage to attract the attention of their guests with the facilities and facilities they offer. When guests making a holiday in Cyprus make their hotel choices in line with their needs and demands, they open the doors of an unforgettable holiday. Cyprus is one of the most prominent holiday destinations with its nightlife.

Cyprus nightclubs and venues, which fascinate even those who do not like nightlife and night entertainment, are exactly what those looking for a breathless entertainment want. In addition to the fun and lively nightlife of the island, Cyprus casino hotels do not deprive their guests of this entertainment.

Try Cypriot Cuisine

North Cyprus Kyrenia

The baby homeland also tempts its guests with local Cypriot dishes. Lamb molehiya, peach kebab, sweet potato and halloumi are just a few of the island-specific dishes. The region-specific halloumi cheese is served with almost every meal here. Pirohuya, also known as Gölevez, Cyprus ravioli, Gullurikya, which draws attention with its adorning shape to our public dessert, and paluze, a kind of grape pudding, are some of the different flavors you can taste on the island. Do not forget that it is possible to see the richness of Turkish cuisine on the island. It would be useful to remind you that you can easily reach the delicacies we have listed here by making your holiday and accommodation in one of the facilities listed in the list of hotels in Nicosia, which is also the capital of the TRNC.

A Different Experience in Covered Varosha

North Cyprus Kyrenia

If you have decided to stay in one of the facilities in the Cyprus Famagusta hotels list, Covered Maraş, which has been closed to the public since the war period, is one of the places you should definitely see. This place was known as the Las Vegas of the island before the Cyprus Peace Operation. However, this place, which was a buffer zone after the war, became a military area and was closed to the civilian population. You can see this area, which is also called the Ghost City, and the traces of the war from the beach. Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Kertikli Bath, St. Barnabas Monastery, Canbulat Museum and Tomb are among other remarkable spots in the region.

Seeing Different Cultures in Karaman and Koruçam

North Cyprus Kyrenia

Karaman Village, which is connected to Kyrenia, shows a different side of the island to its visitors. Located in the west of Kyrenia, life in this place started with the arrival of the British aristocracy in the 1870s, when Cyprus was a British colony, and the British population still lives here today.

Maronit Village in Koruçam also hosts one of the different cultural riches of the island. This village is the only place where the Maronites continue their lives. Cyprus Maronites are neither Turkish nor Greek, they are of Lebanese origin and they are a people who still keep all their traditions and customs alive.

Swimming in the Cool Waters of Cyprus

North Cyprus Kyrenia

Surrounded by the Mediterranean on all four sides, the island not only boasts luxury hotels with casinos, delicious cuisine, historical and cultural texture, but also beaches and a magnificent bay.

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